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With Cancer Immunotherapy Market Set To Grow At Double-Digit CAGR Till 2032, This Company Plans To Ride The Wave Through Treatments For Complex Cancers

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

Oncotelic Therapeutics Inc. (OTCQB: OTLC) is a clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company. Its primary focus is on developing innovative drugs for the treatment of orphan oncology indications, with an emphasis on rare and underserved cancer types including pancreatic cancer, glioma and glioblastoma.

Oncotelic's pipeline includes several promising drug candidates. One of their key products is OT-101, a targeted immunotherapy designed to inhibit the production of a specific protein critical for cancer evasion of host immunity. By targeting immune evasion specifically, OT-101 aims to reduce the effectiveness of traditional immunooncology (IO) drugs and improve patient survival. This drug has also been shown to be successful in helping treat immune evasion by COVID-19. Oncotelic is undertaking combination trials with IO drugs such as PD-1, PDL-1 and CTLA4, among others. Over the next 12 months, it is expected there will be reports available on these combination trials.

In August, the company announced a collaboration between their joint venture partner, Sapu Bioscience, LLC (wholly owned by GMP Biotechnology Limited), and Cromos Pharma, LLC. This collaborations goal is to conduct a registrational trial for OT-101 in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. The company is expecting to report interim analyses in the near future. This trial leverages the ability of OT-101 to counteract chemoresistance that frequently arises during the treatment of cancers with chemotherapies.

In many ways, OT-101 was designed to improve existing cancer treatments, such as Keytruda. Merck & Cos (NYSE: MRK) Keytruda also known as pembrolizumab is an immunotherapy used to treat various types of cancer, including lung cancer, melanoma and triple-negative breast cancer. It blocks the PD-1 pathway, allowing the immune system to detect and fight cancer cells.

What makes Oncotelic an industry innovator is its embrace of AI in its workflow. By leveraging AI, the company is mining its existing database to design the optimal clinical pathway for each of its drugs. Through their dedication to incorporating cutting-edge science and engineering, Oncotelic is positioning itself at the forefront of advancing novel drugs in oncology.

In addition to OT-101, Oncotelic is advancing other drug candidates, as well, including CA4P and Oxi4503. These drugs utilize different mechanisms of action to target blood vessels feeding the tumors and disrupt their growth. This diversified pipeline strategy allows Oncotelic to explore multiple approaches to cancer treatment and increase the likelihood of success in addressing different types of cancer.

By leveraging AI, Oncotelic's drug candidates can overcome the limitations of conventional clinical trials, avoiding unintended confounding factors that plague traditional clinical trials. Long before a clinical trial is initiated, extensive in silico modeling would have been completed at Oncotelic, derisking every aspect of the clinical trial and optimizing it for success.

Oncotelic Therapeutics is an innovative player in the cancer immunotherapy market, which is expected to reach a value of $647 billion by 2032, growing at a CAGR of 13.8% over 2022-2032. The company has completed promising phase 2 trials in pancreatic cancer and melanoma, as well as in glioblastoma, achieving robust efficacy and safety in all three cases. With the companys cutting-edge research and impressive track record, Oncotelic is setting the bar high for innovation in cancer treatments.

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