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For Continued Electrification To Be Possible, Strong Infrastructure Is A Must; Nxu Is Making This A Reality

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By Faith Ashmore, Benzinga

In 2021, the number of electric vehicles (EVs) on the road worldwide reached 16.5 million. It is projected that the global EV market will grow to over 350 million vehicles by 2030. The rise in global EV production is fueled by both consumer demand and governments' efforts to reduce carbon emissions.

Despite the increased interest in EVs, even in the commercial markets, there is inadequate infrastructure in place to help support charging. This is especially true in rural areas and along long-distance travel corridors. While it has become commonplace to see charging stations, they are often relegated to seemingly random locations like mall parking lots.

Effective charging stations and locations are crucial for the widespread adoption of electric vehicles. There are three main factors that people look for when considering a charging station: reliability, consistency and convenience. Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) has demonstrated that it is possible to establish a reliable charging system infrastructure. However, consistency is still lacking. Currently, no charging manufacturer can claim to be consistent in delivering the same power level every time. This inconsistency can make it challenging for drivers to plan their trips and feel confident in stopping at a particular charging station.

The crucial factor convenience is especially important since charging an EV is not a quick stop like gassing up an internal combustion engine (ICE) car. For electric vehicle charging stations to be effective, they must be located in areas that are easily accessible, well-lit and safe; ideally, they are located in areas where users can rest and experience applicable amenities while they wait for their cars to charge.

Nxu (NASDAQ: NXU) is one of the few companies working on making the charging experience reliable, consistent and convenient. The domestic company is creating energy storage and charging solutions for the infrastructure needed to power the growing number of electric vehicles. Nxu's vision is to build a future where energy is harnessed in a way that is abundant, accessible and infinite, to make electric mobility viable.

Nxus charging solutions are standard-agnostic and designed to work with all CCS-supported electric vehicle brands and models a rarity in the industry. A seamless cloud experience connects users payment information with charging status.

However, these products are in fact just the foundation for something much larger. Nxus vision is to build a robust charging infrastructure that goes beyond the traditional gas station model and creates a positive and convenient experience for electric vehicle drivers especially along long route corridors and rural areas. The company understands that drivers are looking for more than just a charging station. They want clean restrooms, amenities and a comfortable environment to spend time during their charging session.

To achieve this, the company plans to leverage technology, including software, cloud services and connectivity technology to optimize the charging experience. It wants to integrate route planning and scheduling into the charging infrastructure to make it efficient for commercial drivers, too. This includes providing pull-through locations and optimizing the timing of charging sessions to the specific needs and schedules of the drivers. Nxu also aims to provide fleet planning services and interface with existing vehicle systems, either through partnerships or their own mobile app solution.

In addition to the technology aspect, Nxu is exploring partnerships to enhance the charging experience. This could include amenities providers like restaurant franchises to offer additional services and create a positive environment for drivers. They also want to ensure that the charging stations are easily visible and accessible from the freeway, making it convenient and safe for users.

In fact, Nxu recently announced its under contract to purchase the site for its first deployment of megawatt+ charging, in Quartzsite, Ariz. Located on a major highway corridor, Interstate 10, the Nxu One Megawatt+ Charging location will provide a much-needed charging experience for the growing number of consumer and commercial EVs regularly traveling on this major freeway between Phoenix and Los Angeles.

Additionally, in celebration of National Drive Electric Week, Nxu is launching public field trials of its Nxu One Charging System at its manufacturing facilities in Mesa, Ariz., on Sept. 28. Even better, all charging sessions from Sept. 28 through Oct. 1 – the last day of National Drive Electric Week – are just $1.

When it comes to the future of EVs, it is not enough to have good brands and good batteries. It is up to innovators to make sure that there is adequate infrastructure to support the technology so the global economy can continue to electrify. Nxu could be an instrumental company in this next evolution of global mobility.

Nxu, Inc. is a domestic technology company leveraging its intellectual property and innovations to support e-Mobility and energy storage solutions. Driving the energy future, Nxu is developing an ecosystem of industry-leading grid level energy storage solutions, charging infrastructure and over-air cloud management encompassed by Nxus seamless subscription-based models. For more information, visit www.nxuenergy.com.

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