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‘The Happiness Warrior’ Shares Empowering Ways to Make Life Living For

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Author, Advocate and Life Coach Believes Happiness Exists For All

New York City, New York May 17, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – Eric North is a life coach and best-selling author who has dedicated his life to guiding his followers to find the ultimate solace and happiness. For his knowledge and wisdom, North is also called ‘The Happiness Warrior’ by his disciples. He says all humans who have learned the secrets to living a fulfilling and happier life have one thing in common that provides more happiness and personal freedom. It is the ability to look forward to each day with gratitude and acceptance. North says an all-knowing feeling and mindset that creates people’s momentum and preserves their intention. He further says that the aptitude and forbearance to forgive and forget the hurts and struggles of their past and look forward to each new day with joy and greater wisdom. When people listen closely and respect their thoughts and feelings the magical lives they have been dreaming about will come to fruition.

For that ‘The Happiness Warrior’ shares five empowering ways to make life worth living. The first piece of advice is to take whatever means are necessary to go from passive in people’s own lives. He says to treat every day as the first day of a new life and if people take action, no matter how small, big things will always happen. This is especially true for those who go through life complaining and not participating in exercising their rights and responsibilities. So it becomes even more important to stop blaming others for their disappointments and unrealistic expectations and stop comparing their own lives and circumstances to others. According to the best-selling author, the process is simple and easily implemented when people start with small goals. It includes showing up for something that matters and learning more about how it impacts core values and truths. As the rhythm of life has a way of working out its symphony when people are active, people are also always at their happiest when they are tuned into their lives.

Then it is equally important to stop resisting and experiencing the joy when people find happiness and self-awareness. So North advises to seek adventure and remove the phrase comfort zone from people’s vocabularies. He says when people are resistant to vulnerability and authenticity, they will get into a rut of emotional instability and their truth will become secondary to their inauthentic narrative. So it is important to learn to become comfortable with taking reasoned chances and opportunities. They will only exist at the moment and only return in another representation, and this is how people learn to live their lives with no regrets and negative self-created emotions. The next piece of advice is to find greater meaning in lives by allowing themselves to focus on something that people do well and give it prominence in their lives. Sometimes people have jobs and careers that keep them safe and comfortable, but they forget that they deserve more. North believes everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue their dreams and fulfill their destiny and that is how people get there. It is how they learn and enrich their lives and experiences.

So the life coach asks his followers to find something that has meaning and make it a life intention. He says greater good comes when pursuing meaningful projects and missions, so making the time and creating actions that have value is the path to a brighter future and life. North believes that people can immensely change the scope of everything when they are true to themselves and understand their intentions. At the same time, ‘The Happiness Warrior’ asks his followers to pay attention to the smallest joys and happier moments. He says they may seem trivial or insignificant at first, but if people can change our perspective and focus we will become happier in all aspects and moments. So it is better to tune in and feel the frequencies and vibrations that are constantly with us. He also admits that it is not easy to see people’s way clearly in this fast-paced and chaotic world. All people are complicit in their current environment of division and unexplained hatred. All humans are the same and no one is better than another. North says the evil that is unleashed in people’s vile actions and thoughts can only be fought when they can win by the mindset and observed actions. So people need to try to be better each day than the next and keep their eyes open.

North says the people that everyone surrounds themselves with tell a lot about who they are. Research has shown that people who create lives with satisfying relationships and interactions lead happier and more fulfilling lives. They also have a purpose, their opinions and ideas are respected, and they can forgive and accept others for who they are. These people realize that there is more to life than possessions and accomplishments. When people reach this point in their lives, they start to believe in themselves. This is how people can live authentically, and all of their irrational and self-created fears and doubts will disappear. For more such advice, visit www.thwarrior.com.

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