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Bespoke Compass’ Global Executive Mindset Coaching is Tailored and Transformative Helping Even the Busiest Executives Navigate Life Better

As an established Executive Mindset Coaching firm, Bespoke Compass works with individuals and organizations globally to help successful leaders increase their awareness, create sustained change, and improve their performance.

Helping clients across the banking industry, academia, the tech sector, the financial sector, doctors, professional athletes and musicians, all clients share two things in common; Success, and a Desire to Improve.

Using three core Proprietary programs that stimulate the subconscious, Bespoke helps professionals create an insightful profile of who they are as a leader, how they relate to others, and why they prioritize certain things.

With strong core values, Bespoke Compass believes the solutions their clients need for success already exist within them.

What Sets Bespoke Compass Apart

Programs are designed to stimulate the subconscious, and Bespoke’s coaches are highly experienced at both reading non-verbal communication and reflecting these insights back to clients.

They are not a one size fits all solution; Bespoke Compass creates a space where clients can see that they are their own solution and most importantly, they are not a ‘one size fits all solution’ but each client is treated as an individual with their own unique needs, wants and goals.

Many clients gain the ability to clearly understand and communicate what makes them uniquely successful as a leader, and are able to see the unique qualities in other leaders they work with.

About Robert John Millar

As a 53-year-old Irishman, living in America. Robert has had the privilege of living and working with successful leaders from over 30 countries, in a host of industries, helping them realize their full potential.

No matter the position, industry or obstacle, Robert’s leadership philosophy starts with a simple idea: Self-awareness is the ultimate asset. And as Robert sees it, there’s nothing more exhilarating than helping someone see themselves for the first time.

Robert has devoted his life and career to helping people reach new destinations by first understanding themselves in new ways.

According to Robert, “Imagine leveling up your awareness and performance by training your mindset to attain peak performance and to unlock your full potential. Reach beyond mindfulness and meet the demands of a high-stakes, fast-paced environment. developing mental and emotional fortitude for real life entails cultivating practical mindset skills that can be honed and refined over time.”

Bespoke’s programs cater to even the busiest executives. Each core program comprises five 45-minute sessions led by certified guides through video calls. All sessions and resources are securely accessible through a personalized app, ensuring a client’s privacy.

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