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Logan Formicola emerges as a visionary global leader for our times

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There is only one way to describe the maverick visionary that is Logan Formicola – he is the global leader our world needs!

One of the most defining features of modern society is its ever increasing ‘interdependence’. Gone are the days of supremacy and exclusivity. As technology bridges the world as one, there is a heightened sense of global co-operation and need for cutting-edge innovations.

This is where the stellar Logan comes in. A man of many talents, he has followed a highly dynamic approach which taught him the importance of diversity and the elements behind incorporating various skill sets to drive both personal and team based ambitions.

Today, he is an internationally renowned Tech Innovator, Thought Leader, Draftsman, Website Designer, and Entrepreneur. He is the Founder/CEO of Eagle Star Dynamics (ESD), a highly innovative company that is focused on several key sectors of progress for humanity.

An innate desire to bring about positive changes for the betterment of humanity is what drives his endeavors. Thus, there are several other key projects that he is currently focusing on. First up, he is working to build on the efforts of his past to improve trade relations once again between the United States and Pakistan in times of turmoil. There is a new trade route he is trying to open through a CEO in Pakistan for various apparel. Second, he is working with USI or United States Inventor on an as needed basis to serve breakthrough diplomatic solutions.

This puts Logan on the world stage for bringing benefit and he feels honored to play a role at this level. “My inspiration has always been world progress and the betterment of humanity. I always strived, even at a very young age, to come up with ideas that could further this goal. My desire is for a more prosperous world where there is more interconnectivity via Web3, Blockchain, and VR.

I also desire to make a difference at a diplomatic level. I feel truly inspired to help bring about a more peaceful world that is interconnected via Web3 and has further aspirations for Space travel.”

Tracing his lineage to the legendary Medici family, Logan developed a passion for arts and science, i.e. piano and computers, at the age of 5. Before he completed his education, he had won 1st Place at Science Fair; Arkansas Tech Collegiate Scholar award; and a spot in the National AAU basketball championship.

After pursuing a two decade professional journey across diverse roles of work such as teacher, grocery store bagger, computer builder, and others, Logan let his ingenuity guide him in establishing his own business in 2021 – Eagle Star Dynamics (ESD)

ESD represents the pinnacle of cutting-edge technological drafting, insight, and software development services for innovation in sectors including Alternative Energy, VR Learning, and Aviation. The company portfolio also consists of valuable ideas, drafts, and blueprints to help contribute to various fields with emphasis on sustainable smart cities.

Interestingly, he harbors an equal passion for diplomacy and bringing unity to where there is division. He has accomplished this by playing a key part in helping to establish a tradeline for apparel between the US and Pakistan in the past, in spite of the prior war in Afghanistan. He continues to make a difference that can one day echo through history.

In doing so, he is grateful for all that he has managed to accomplish. Based in the US, he strategized with his father in his race for Congress and Senate. In a professional capacity, he flew overnight to DC with only 12 hours of notice to meet a Congressman and give insight into helping the patent system in pertinence to startups and incorporation of Web3 based functionalities into the US E-patent system. He has built a company and portfolio that has gained recognition and validity, and he has been featured in various publications including recognition by the Forbes staff as a celebrity and visionary leader. To know more about Logan, check https://bit.ly/3TOa1Tp  or to nominate, email, [email protected]

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