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Harambe AI Token Gearing Up For Launch

Harambe Token Launch

The first decentralized hedge fund

Tempe, Arizona Feb 14, 2024 (Issuewire.com) – It’s an optimistic scenario for all investors and traders in the crypto landscape. Moreover, investors are excited that our Harambe AI Token’s presale has successfully raised over $4.5 million. This is an impressive achievement for Harambe, as it confirms that more people trust and support our token within the cryptocurrency community.

We at Harambe AI Tokens believe in transparency and community engagement to benefit our investors. Our vision of setting new technological standards and taking a forward-thinking approach to decentralized finance has resonated well with investors seeking to profit from digital currency.

But the growth continues beyond there. Harambe AI token is gearing up for a spectacular launch after the presale. Unlike others, we have a well-thought-out plan, and through this article, let’s explore how Harambe AI Token plans to launch after its successful presale.

The Fueling Growth of Harambe AI Tokens

Harambe Token operates with a total supply of 690 million HARAMBEAI tokens for traders, distributed transparently. We incorporate blockchain technology and an AI-driven hedge fund system to conduct trading and performances on behalf of traders.

The powerful AI engine automatically analyzes the current crypto market data and trends to conduct trades on top cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC) and Ethereum (ETH). Our expert team has built Harambe AI on the ERC-20 standard, ensuring transparency and secure transactions.

We initially offer a presale to allow traders to get hold of tokens at a significant discount. This gives early investment advantages, potentially leading to higher profits after the project gains traction. When traders hold these tokens, they gain access to exclusive features, community engagement opportunities, and possible increased value after listing on exchanges.

After the presale, we were able to raise over a whopping $4.5 million. Beyond the presale, the Harambe AI token aims to utilize these raised funds to enhance the ecosystem and drive innovation in decentralized finance. But are we stopping there? Nope.

Harambe AI has already established a roadmap for our upcoming evolution as a unique AI-powered auto trading engine.

Phase 1: Token Launch

During the token launch, we offered an exclusive Harambe token presale that generated over $4.5 million, demonstrating investors’ confidence in our vision and execution capabilities. The price per token started around $0.055 and increased every 48 hours.

With these successful presale metrics, we ensure the tokens are available on public exchange listings like Uniswap, with a starting price of $1. This gives an early advantage to all participants who took part in the presale, potentially offering returns of up to 20X gains.

The presale is considered necessary to provide liquidity for the Harambe AI bot to start its automatic trading. We chose a community-first approach instead of going the traditional route with venture capitalists. This way, we not only raise liquidity for the bot but also share profits with our community.

After the presale ends, all participants will be able to claim their tokens using either their order ID or by verifying the wallet they used to make the purchase. Soon after, the Harambe tokens will be listed on exchanges like Uniswap, KuCoin, and others.

Phase 2: KuCoin and Gate Listings

The initial listings will take place on Uniswap, where additional tokens and Ethereum will be added to the liquidity pool.

After that, here’s a small roadmap of what the future holds for us:

  • Onboard Influencers:

We believe in transparency and accessibility through regular updates, ask-me-anythings, and open discussions across our social media channels. We plan to onboard influencers, developers, and trading enthusiasts to build a robust ecosystem and community support.

  • Launch a $1 million Marketing Campaign:

In order to harness the widespread popularity of the internet sensation Harambe the Gorilla and capitalize on heightened brand recognition, we are preparing to initiate a marketing campaign worth $1 million.

  • List Harambe on Gate and KuCoin:

This is to enhance accessibility and foster broader adoption within the cryptocurrency community.

  • Deploying the Harambe AI:

The AI engine aligns perfectly with our vision for the token, ensuring any profits generated through auto-trading are redistributed to token holders.

Phase 3: Marketing Expansion

We are planning to incrementally boost our marketing efforts by 50% in the coming weeks. The company is on a path to expand its presence significantly. Harambe AI charges into mid-February with a 100% marketing blitz, aiming to double its reach and influence in a meme-fueled explosion.

  • Launch $5 Million Marketing Campaign:

Harambe AI Token aims to build an ecosystem for crypto users and amplify our brand awareness. We are planning to launch an expansive campaign aimed at capturing the attention of the trading audience to maximize community engagement and exposure.

  • Integrate stocks into Harambe AI Tokens:

As part of our ongoing marketing efforts, we plan to integrate stocks to open up new avenues for trading enthusiasts. This allows our investors to diversify their portfolios and capitalize on crypto and traditional markets. The integration of stocks is all powered by the prowess of Harambe AI.
Phase 4: Binance and Coinbase listings

  • Integrate Harambe into Top Crypto Bots:

We also have plans to integrate the token with other platforms, DeFi projects, and partnerships to grow the Harambe community. This will further enhance the token’s ecosystem and value proposition.

  • List Harambe on Binance and Coinbase:

We aim to make Harambe AI a community-centric project and establish Harambe Token as a recognized and trusted name in the crypto market. We are also planning to be listed on prominent cryptocurrency exchanges Binance and Coinbase to accelerate our growth trajectory and solidify our position in the market.

  • Add Additional Token Utilities:

To enhance the value proposition of our Harambe AI token, we are expanding its horizon beyond traditional trading. The Harambe AI project plans to introduce diverse financial products that venture into predictive analytics, financial advisory services, and AI-driven asset management. We are committed to ensuring that Harambe AI’s growth benefits all stakeholders.

To Wrap Up

Harambe AI stands out in the crypto game due to the revolutionary fusion of vibrant meme culture with state-of-the-art AI trading. Harambe AI is considered a pioneer in the future of intelligent trading. As we aspire to bring forth a transformative future in the crypto realm, with several ambitious goals in sight, our primary objective is to democratize AI trading and make it accessible to the general public.

Initially, we have tied Harambe Token specifically to the Harambe AI engine. However, we will expand the token’s utility through future integrations of the engine throughout the cryptocurrency ecosystem. With the success of the Harambe AI presale, community engagement and future partnerships will drive demand, thereby extending token value.

Let us assure you that Harambe Token is indeed the dawn of a new crypto era. Get involved and join the Harambe revolution.

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