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Berry Beachy Swimwear is Redefining Swimwear Fashion with Inclusivity and Empowerment

Berry Beachy Swimwear is fast gaining popularity by challenging industry norms and promoting body positivity.

Miami, FL, USA — In the realm of swimwear fashion, Berry Beachy Swimwear has emerged as a prominent force, embracing diversity and inclusivity as its core values. Founded by Robert Gonzalez and Melanie Gonzalez, proud Miami natives, Berry Beachy is one of the best online swimwear brands on a mission to empower individuals of all body types, races, and genders to feel beautiful, confident, and comfortable in their own skin.

With five successful years in the industry, Berry Beachy Swimwear conducted two runway shows during Miami Swim Week. Proudly based in Miami, FL, the company has expanded its reach by entering the wholesale market, showcasing its commitment to swimwear innovation and inclusivity.

With a focus on celebrating the beauty of all individuals worldwide, Berry Beachy Swimwear promotes a simple yet powerful mantra: “Wear With Confidence.” Berry Beachy dares to be different in a market overflowing with conventional norms, aiming to break free from stereotypes and redefine the swimwear industry.

Robert and Melanie, the brains behind Berry Beachy Swimwear, noticed a glaring gap in the swimwear market, both for men and women. Recognizing the need for improvement and inclusivity, they embarked on a journey to offer quality swimwear at an affordable price that caters to everyone, regardless of their body type or identity.

Berry Beachy’s approach goes beyond aesthetics; it boosts self-esteem and fosters body positivity. As Melanie emphasizes, “We do not sell models; we sell Swimwear, and there are many body types that need swimwear, so that’s what we promote, especially on the runway.”

Its unwavering commitment to inclusivity and authenticity sets Berry Beachy Swimwear apart. The brand proudly features a diverse range of models in its runway shows, celebrating individuals from all walks of life. From NFL player Preston Williams to Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Model Gabriella Halikas, Berry Beachy showcases real people with real bodies, challenging traditional beauty standards and inspiring self-confidence.

“We are not followers. We are trendsetters,” says Robert. In an era dominated by social media influence, Berry Beachy goes the extra mile by providing an in-house studio for customers to create their videos and photos, allowing them to express themselves without additional costs.

Berry Beachy Swimwear’s journey is just beginning. In 2023, they made a significant move by entering the wholesale market, making their products available in 11 stores and boutiques across the United States. However, their ambitions extend far beyond these borders.

“In five years, we hope to be in 500+ stores worldwide,” Melanie envisions. Their clear mission is to spread their message of confidence, inclusivity, and diversity globally, redefining beauty standards and empowering individuals to embrace their uniqueness.

As customers explore the vibrant collections of Berry Beachy Swimwear, they are not just seeing swimwear. They’re witnessing a celebration of beauty in all its forms. Robert and Melanie want everyone to understand that beauty comes from within and everyone can feel great, regardless of the critics.

Their story is one of determination and resilience in the face of skepticism. “People thought we would fail, but that only made us hungrier,” says Robert. And indeed, it’s working. The founders said that they should “wear with confidence as everybody has a Papi Body.”

There is no doubt that Berry Beachy Swimwear stands as a trendsetter in the power of embracing one’s unique self.

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