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PitPat Launchs Collaborative Online Running Event in September

The PitPat Stadium

Users who download the PitPat software and bind their account with SupeRun and DeerRun can receive more rights and rewards as well as specific shopping coupons during their daily training and competitions.

Houston, Texas Sep 20, 2023 (Issuewire.com) – The online fitness platform PitPat has collaborated with treadmill brands SupeRun and DeerRun to hold a joint event. Users who download the PitPat software and bind their account with SupeRun and DeerRun can receive more rights and rewards as well as specific shopping coupons during their daily training and competitions. PitPat also hosts group competitions where users who participate in the competition in groups will receive extra rewards. The content of online events is gradually rich and complete.

Due to various epidemics, everyone is paying attention to their own health and hoping to improve their immunity through exercise, which is also a way to fight diseases repeatedly emphasized by medical institutions and doctors. There are more people who like to exercise, but less people in the gym. This is not a popular trend lately, but an inevitable choice after home office becomes the norm. When you realize that it’s a waste of time to go to the gym for exercise, buying some fitness equipment at home becomes a better choice. The most common choice is the home treadmill, which can connect to free treadmill apps such as PitPat. This is a virtual running app for treadmill, which has better effects than going to the gym for exercise.

Saving More Space

Our treadmill does not need to occupy a lot of home space, especially because it also has a folding function, which is the advantage of home smart fit treadmill. The treadmills collaborated with PitPat are from SupeRun and DeerRun brands, which currently only focus on the research and development of home treadmill production. Space is also a factor that needs to be considered, and you can even fold it up and put it under the sofa. Its weight is also very light, a young woman can move it out for assembly and use. Equipment like this completely separates your work and life, which is the advantage of home fitness.

Different Fitness Functions

Sometimes, you just want to take a walk or jog for half an hour. When adjusting the speed, you can use the intelligent control buttons on the treadmill console or set your own goals through the PitPat software. PitPat provides free online training courses and intelligent training plans, which can formulate reasonable weight loss plans based on each user’s height and weight. If you just want to run for a while, the data report will visually tell you how many calories you have burned throughout the process, which is undoubtedly very suitable for home fitness enthusiasts.

Unlike other smart treadmills or sports apps, PitPat is more like a representative of virtual sports. Virtual sports system, 3D scene, and training videos with realistic characters’ warm-up and training can be enjoyed when you enter it. You can create a virtual character yourself, based on your appearance or dressed up as you like, and it will become your representative in PitPat.

Whether it’s in training or competition, you can communicate with others through intelligent voice systems. You can understand PitPat as a virtual social fitness platform. Although you are at home, you can still communicate with others and make exercise more interesting.

Virtual Sports System

Virtual sports competition has become a popular trend, with common sports such as cycling, rowing machines, sailing, etc., having appeared in online competitions. PitPat wants to become the world’s largest online sports platform by moving all offline competitions to online ones through IoT technology and virtual technology, allowing everyone to participate in various competitions at home. Compared to offline competitions, online competitions truly achieve public participation and lower the threshold of competitions while compressing competition time. If you want to, you can participate in competitions every day.

Compared to outdoor factors such as weather and traffic safety, indoor sports systems are more convenient, especially for indoor sports such as treadmills, rowing machines, and boxing. PitPat currently supports indoor online running contests with SupeRun and DeerDrun brands as its carrier partners for home treadmills that are used as online contests. When preparing to start a competition, the intelligent treadmill and PitPat App use AI technology to match and collaborate efficiently, including matching cooperation between exercise scenarios and exercise data in real time so that competition results are more fair. Compared to other online contests on the market, PitPat has formulated a strict reward system for competitions. When you win a competition, not only can you gain rankings displays but more importantly, you can obtain cash rewards that can be cashed out into your own account when accumulated to a certain amount. This is a real reward mechanism where thousands of people use PitPat for fitness every day, and the bonus leaderboard also means that many people are working hard every day.

About PitPat

PitPat is the world’s leading home smart fitness brand. It has innovatively created the world’s largest online event platform, providing new forms of exercise for all home fitness users. When users open PitPat, they will enter a new world of online events. All users can train and compete at will, and obtain event rewards while improving their physical fitness.

This is a new world covering training, events, social interaction, entertainment, etc. to satisfy your imagination about the new world of sports.

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