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.NET Developer Sai Nitisha Tadiboina Makes Strides in AI-based Prevention of Diabetes and Pancreatic Cancer

The artificial intelligence expert uses a deep learning algorithm to develop an early detection and prevention system.

New York City, NY, 19th September 2023, ZEX PR WIRE, Machines permeate every sphere of the healthcare sector, save one: Prevention. When diseases are identified before they have the chance to display symptoms, their chances of progressing decrease exponentially. Visionary in the current climate, this goal is what Sai Nitisha Tadiboina sought to realize with Patent: 202241076373.

Even though screening techniques exist for screening people at high risk of diabetes and pancreatic cancer, there are no acute and objective methods for early detection. Deductive methods seldom work with diseases sharing multiple symptoms. A better technique is required to predict pancreatic cancer risk; this is where Tadiboina’s Artificial Neural Network comes in.

“The ANN is without a doubt better than any AI tool for detecting cancer risk that we have today,” stated a source close to Tadiboina. “It was created after studying the health records of hundreds of thousands of candidates on the Health Interview Survey and Pancreatic, Lung, Colorectal, and Ovarian Cancer databases. The data was used to design, train, and test the ANN. The algorithm is 87.3% sensitive and 80% specific during the screenings. It’s anything but a baby step in the grand scheme of diseases with poor prognoses.”

Indeed, only one percent of patients with advanced-stage pancreatic cancer can survive five years. On the other hand, diabetes ranks among the top ten causes of death in the US. Tadiboina sees early detection as the only way of beating these illnesses. The artificial intelligence researcher has worked tirelessly to propose lifesaving interventions in the healthcare field.

Apart from diabetes and pancreatic cancer, Tadiboina has researched AI-based methods for detecting and treating breast cancer in women and men. Her treatment research focuses on developing personalized methods based on patient-related accounts. On the other hand, detection methods focus on early, less invasive, and more accurate methods of identifying carcinomas.

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About Sai Nitisha Tadiboina

Sai Nitisha Tadiboina is a mentor, keynote speaker, and researcher in artificial intelligence, specifically machine learning. Her research focuses on the applications and uses of AI in healthcare and has recently expanded to cancer research. Connect with the AI expert for more insights and collaborations.

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Name: Sai Nitisha Tadiboina

Phone: +1 631 480 4968

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/sai-nitisha-tadiboina-2aa7b5162/

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