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QC Kinetix (Springfield National Avenue) Provides Evidence-based Regenerative Medicine for Chronic Pain Treatment in Springfield, MO

Springfield, MO – Studies suggest that up to fifty million American adults live with inhibitive pain conditions, with a significant portion having life-altering chronic pain. Eighty billion dollars, the estimated figure of resultant lost wages annually, is an understatement considering that many such pain conditions go undocumented. The question, therefore,

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QC Kinetix (Austin), a Premier Regenerative Sports Medicine Clinic, Devises Comprehensive Treatment Plans for Athletes experiencing Acute Injuries.

Austin, TX – Regenerative medicine has evolved over the last few years and is becoming recognized for its ability to treat pain. QC Kinetix (Austin) uses natural treatment protocols to help athletes, performers, adventurers, hikers, blue-collar workers, and gym enthusiasts return to working, playing, or training. When they go in

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