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July’s 8 Fastest Growing Cryptos: Here’s What to Watch

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This list could prove profitable for investors seeking to uncover the fastest growing cryptos before they inevitably explode. Experts have scoured the markets and put together what they believe to be the best investment opportunities over the coming months and years.

This list of the eight fastest growing cryptos is filled with promising blockchain solutions during their early stages of development. Each one could become an industry leader in its own right, so heres everything investors need to know about these eight rising crypto projects ahead of the next bull market.

List of the Best Cryptos to Buy Now

  1. Chancer (CHANCER): The first peer-to-peer predictions market in the online betting industry

  2. Shiba Memu (SHMU): A powerful AI token that could shake the foundations of the meme coin market

  3. AltSignals (ASI): An industry-grade trading stack that helps users to maximize their crypto profits

  4. Metacade (MCADE): A platform filled with different GameFi experiences

  5. Pepe (PEPE): A meme coin that jumped into the headlines earlier this year

  6. Axie Infinity (AXS): One of the best-performing play-to-earn titles of recent years

  7. Fetch.ai (FET): A decentralized artificial intelligence marketplace

  8. Algorand (ALGO): Scalability, security, and decentralization in a single layer-1 solution

How to analyze the fastest growing cryptocurrency in Web3?

The fastest growing cryptocurrencies in Web3 could produce gains between 50-100x. Projects launching cutting-edge decentralized technologies receive backing from a massive online community, which can retain full ownership over their assets and data and make a profit in the process.

Blockchain is a center of technological advancement, so picking out the best projects during their early stages can be challenging. However, experts have collected this list of the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies by analyzing their stage of development, long-term potential, and historical performance.

1. Chancer (CHANCER): The first peer-to-peer predictions market in the online betting industry

Chancer is a revolutionary new online betting platform that uses blockchain technology to eliminate the middleman. While bookmakers have historically been alleged to manipulate the odds in their favor, Chancer delivers a fairer alternative that could appeal to many people worldwide.

The online gambling industry is forecasted to grow to $150 billion by 2030. Chancers peer-to-peer predictions market could carve out a significant market share during that time. The platform allows bettors to fully customize their bet slips, which includes the ability to set their own odds for different outcomes.

As the worlds first decentralized predictions market, Chancer operates uniquely. Users create custom bets and can freely decide whether to match the other side of bets that other users make. This peer-to-peer system enables the platform to bypass centralized bookmakers altogether, which gives Chancer massive potential for the future.

The native token, CHANCER, has just launched during its presale. CHANCER is available for just $0.01 during Stage One of the event and will increase to $0.021 by Stage 12. Investors have a limited time to back the platform during these early stages, which could make it one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies thanks to its unique betting solution.

Why buy CHANCER?

In addition to being the worlds first decentralized predictions market, Chancer offers a wealth of features to ensure complete security for its users. The Ethereum blockchain provides an immutable ledger that records all user transactions, and the platform will have moderators on-hand to negate counterparty risks involved with taking bets on the peer-to-peer marketplace.

Chancer delivers a cutting-edge solution that expects to attract many users over time. It unlocks new capabilities for bettors, including creating small bets between friends and family for any number of potentialities. Its genuinely a ground-breaking technology that has the potential to be one of the fastest growing cryptos over the coming years.

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2. Shiba Memu (SHMU): A powerful AI token that could shake the foundations of the meme coin market

Shiba Memu is a meme coin designed to capitalize on the current fascination with meme coins and the market&#39;s enthusiasm for AI technology. It utilizes AI-based software to learn from successful marketing strategies and automatically promote itself across popular social networks.

This use case sets Shiba Memu apart from its meme coin competitors. While most meme coins lack utility, they can still be some of the fastest growing crypto projects in Web3, thanks to their ability to generate excitement among speculators.

Shiba Memu can deliver this value of meme coins in a new and exciting way. The artificial intelligence protocol that underpins the project uses machine learning to continually enhance its marketing capabilities, which could boost its exposure across the internet and attract a growing community of investors.

As the Shiba Memu token advances, it is expected to become more intelligent and powerful. It could grow exponentially towards being a leading player in the meme coin market. Shiba Memu offers benefits such as increased ROI, self-sufficiency, and complete transparency, and it could become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies.

Why buy SHMU?

Investors can engage directly with the Shiba Memu AI protocol by asking complex questions, making suggestions, and providing feedback. Since the algorithm leverages natural language processing (NLP), it can respond intelligently to inputs and analyze information efficiently.

Shiba Memu self-publishes its own marketing content across relevant forums and also monitors and assesses its performance over time. This is a powerful technology for a meme coin, which could help drive the expansion of artificial intelligence tools across several global industries.

For now, Shiba Memu is in its earliest presale stages, which makes it an excellent time to invest. The token is available for just $0.011125, and it will rise by a small percentage daily, adding up to an almost 119.33% price increase for the earliest investors during its eight week presale event. It could become one of the fastest growing projects over time thanks to its unique capabilities.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy SHMU here <<<

3. AltSignals (ASI): An industry-grade trading stack that helps users to maximize their crypto profits

AltSignals is an industry-grade artificial intelligence trading platform that recently announced the development of a brand-new tool called ActualizeAI. This follows from its original algorithmic indicator, AltAlgo, which has sustained an impressive accuracy rate of over 70% for multiple years.

The new trading toolkit being developed by AltSignals is expected to boost further the accuracy and frequency of trading signals shared with its users. ActualizeAI is enhanced with machine learning capabilities, using natural language processing (NLP) and predictive modeling to deliver cutting-edge trading technology.

The native token, ASI, was recently released and is currently in a sought-after crypto presale. ASI has been one of the fastest growing presale cryptos of 2023, which is a testament to its advanced AI-based solution for traders across Web3.

Investors can access ActualizeAI by purchasing ASI tokens, with exclusive benefits being reserved for the largest backers of the ecosystem. For investors who hold over 50,000 ASI tokens, AltSignals is developing a new online community called AI Members Club which will provide lucrative investment opportunities and many more exciting benefits.

Why buy ASI?

AI-based trading has become commonplace among institutional investors, yet ASI opens the door to retail traders in the crypto market. Powerful algorithmic trading tools such as ActualizeAI can help traders of all skill levels to make consistent profits in volatile markets, which is expected to give ASI widespread demand over the coming years.

For now, the ASI token remains in its presale. ASI is currently available for just $0.015 during Stage 1 of the AltSignals presale and is set to rise to $0.02274 before the end of the event. This means that investors have a limited time to buy the token at its lowest prices, so that it could be a great pick as one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of the year.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy ASI here <<<

4. Metacade (MCADE): A platform filled with different GameFi experiences

Metacade is a comprehensive GameFi platform that delivers a vast selection of play-to-earn pastimes for its community. The project aims to become the largest on-chain arcade, with every title delivering integrated financial rewards for its players.

As a broad and ambitious GameFi platform, its no wonder that Metacade has become one of the fastest growing cryptos of 2023. MCADE tokens were made available in November 2022 for just $0.008 and reached their all-time high at $0.044 in May 2023 over 500% in just 6 months.

A key reason why Metacade has become so popular is that it offers a variety of additional earning mechanics that go beyond the arcade. The platforms Create2Earn feature will incentivize content creators to update it with the latest information about blockchain gaming, as it rewards all contributors with MCADE tokens.

Another stand-out feature of Metacade is Work2Earn. This will connect professionals to paid job opportunities in the world of Web3 and provide gig work to blockchain users. Gamers can test out the latest play-to-earn titles directly through the platform and will earn MCADE token rewards for providing feedback to the founding team.

Why buy MCADE?

Metacade hosted one of the most successful token presales of 2023, raising over $16 million in total across 8 investment rounds. The MCADE token has since launched on digital asset exchanges, including Uniswap, Bitmart, and MEXC.

As one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of the year, Metacade has built up plenty of momentum heading into the next crypto bull market. The platform will launch its first play-to-earn game, Rune Realms Clash, in the coming weeks. This development has been generating a growing level of excitement among the community.

>>> You can find more information, including how to buy MCADE here <<<

5. Pepe (PEPE): A meme coin that jumped into the headlines earlier this year

Pepe (PEPE) is a cryptocurrency that has gained notoriety in recent months. Its a meme coin based on the popular Pepe the Frog meme that rapidly exploded in the days after its creation. Though some may dismiss Pepe as a joke, it has garnered a surprisingly large following and has been listed on major exchanges like Binance and Huobi.

With the widespread demand for meme coins in recent years, primarily driven by the rise of Dogecoin (DOGE), it becomes less surprising that Pepe managed to succeed quickly. While the future of Pepe remains uncertain, it is one of the more exciting examples of what can be accomplished with community-driven blockchain initiatives.

Pepe is an open-source ERC-20 token that was minted on the Ethereum blockchain. It allows investors to trade and transfer value across the world in seconds. While it has limited additional utility, speculators are often drawn to meme coin investments due to their volatility.

Significant price increases and major price decreases represent an opportunity for skilled crypto traders. While Pepe may not be a wise buy during intense periods of upside, it is a fast growing cryptocurrency with innate meme-ability, and it could return to the headlines at some point in the future.

Why buy PEPE?

One of the most effective crypto investment strategies is to be fearful when others are greedy and greedy when others are fearful. After rapidly skyrocketing 50x in a matter of days, any investor who bought PEPE towards its top would now be almost 80% down.

However, PEPE captured investors minds across Web3 and has been made available on the most-used exchanges in the industry. The risk-return ratio becomes increasingly favorable as attention gets drawn away from PEPE due to its poor recent price action. As one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies of the year, it could be worth watching.

6. Axie Infinity (AXS): One of the best-performing play-to-earn titles of recent years

Axie Infinity (AXS) is a blockchain-based game that became prominent during the 2021 bull market. The game allows players to explore a digital universe and collect fantasy creatures called Axies, minted as NFTs on the games custom-built sidechain, Ronin.

Axie Infinity has introduced a new dimension for gaming, as it operates in a decentralized and immutable network that gives players full ownership over their in-game assets. Axies can be collected, bred, and traded peer-to-peer in the platforms integrated marketplace.

AXS serves as the primary utility token in the game. It rewards players and enables the free exchange of assets between players. As an innovative gaming platform that seamlessly blends with cutting-edge blockchain technology, its no wonder that it has become one of the fastest growing cryptos over recent years.

Players are drawn to the games immersive experience and active online community. In 2021, Axie Infinity breached 2 million daily active users, thanks to its combination of fun gameplay and in-built financial reward mechanism. AXS tokens have become a popular investment among backers of blockchain gaming.

Why buy AXS?

Axie Infinity was one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies between 2020 and 2022. It increased more than 100x in value during this timeframe, and while its since retraced back to a multi-year support level, it remains one of the most popular blockchain games in Web3.

Axie Infinity uses specialized technology to ensure a smooth user experience while playing the game. The Ronin Bridge continues to have technical upgrades, and AXS tokens are expected to reflect the advances over time. It could return to its status as a fast-rising crypto over the coming years.

7. Fetch.ai (FET): A decentralized artificial intelligence marketplace

Fetch.ai is a decentralized infrastructure that aims to bring blockchain and artificial intelligence closer together. It allows for creating autonomous machine-to-machine agents for various industries a use case that can serve any business that deals with large data sets.

Fetch.ai provides high-speed messaging and a marketplace for agents to interact with one another, making it a seamless process for businesses looking to integrate their services with artificial intelligence. All data is kept secure on an open-source blockchain, ensuring the tools transparency and efficacy.

The native token of the platform, FET, has been one of the fastest growing cryptos of 2023. It enables secure and efficient transactions within the platform, as the tokenized marketplace allows businesses to freely trade AI protocols that can be integrated with custom use cases.

FET tokens can be used to purchase AI tools that manage supply chains, optimize energy usage, or even coordinate transportation systems. Fetch.ai can help usher in a new era for machine learning and artificial intelligence, which delivers a more cost-effective way to analyze vast amounts of complex data.

Why buy FET?

Both blockchain and AI are fast-growing industries that are highly disruptive in their own right. Its thought that the two technologies go hand-in-hand. AI can do Blockchain analytics instantaneously because, at its core, a blockchain is a decentralized database.

Fetch.ais comprehensive marketplace for AI tools can collect industry-leading computer programs in a single location. Since its built using blockchain technology, the platform retains the benefits of open-source code, such as reliability and immutability.

FET rocketed over 10x during the opening months of 2023, which could be a sign of more to come. Investors getting involved at the current price level may see significant returns over time as FET becomes a leading on-chain marketplace for AI tools that can serve businesses worldwide.

8. Algorand (ALGO): Scalability, security, and decentralization in a single layer-1 solution

Algorand, also known as ALGO, is a decentralized, scalable, and secure blockchain protocol that aims to provide seamless transactions. Created by computer science professor Silvio Micali, Algorand removes the need for energy-intensive computing required by other blockchain platforms.

The Algorand blockchain can deliver faster transaction speeds with minimal fees. Its a cutting-edge solution that is still relatively new to the space and supports the creation of dApps and other digital services.

The protocol uses a consensus algorithm called Pure Proof of Stake (PPoS), which allows Algorand to achieve all three factors considered by The Blockchain Trilemma. These factors are decentralization, scalability, and security.

While it was previously thought that blockchains need to compromise on one of the three elements of the blockchain trilemma to operate, Algorand has been able to deliver all three in a single, Turing-complete network. It could become one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies as a result.

Why buy ALGO?

Algorand is designed for enterprise use cases, boasting a user-friendly interface that simplifies the process of creating and managing smart contracts. With its impressive technology and pioneering approach, Algorand is one of the most exciting platforms to watch in the blockchain and cryptocurrency arena.

The native token, ALGO, facilitates the transfer of value on the network and is used to reward stakers in the PPoS system. Demand for the token could rise substantially over time as Algorand aims to become the go-to blockchain solution for businesses in various global industries.

What are the best things to consider when investing in the fastest growing cryptocurrency projects?

Risk Tolerance

Investors need to consider their risk appetite when investing in speculative assets such as cryptocurrencies. Early-stage projects are hazardous, but they can also produce the highest percentage returns if they turn out to be a success.

Investors should consider the risk/return ratio of any entry level when deciding which crypto to invest in for the long term. Projects in their opening presale stages, for example, can have a favorable risk/return ratio (RR).

Token Use Case

Cryptocurrencies that have an attractive use case often perform best. A prime example is Bitcoin, an immutable digital ledger that can secure value thanks to its in-built scarcity. As a means of sending and storing money with reduced counterparty risk, it is attractive to people worldwide.

In terms of Web3, some of the fastest growing cryptos are the ones that deliver a platform where the token is integral to operations. One of the best examples from this list is Chancer, as the CHANCER native token is used to create and settle all custom bets on the platform.

Conclusion What is the Best Crypto to Buy Now in 2023?

Chancer is one of the best cryptos to buy now for several important reasons. Its currently at its earliest investment stage during the presale, which makes the RR favorable for all participants. Its also a platform that could attract significant levels of demand, and its native token has an in-built utility for the platform.

Another strong choice for the best crypto to buy now in 2023 is Shiba Memu. The SHIBAMEMU meme coin delivers a cutting-edge marketing protocol that could change how projects interact with users over the coming months and years. It has the potential to be one of the fastest growing cryptocurrencies on the market as a result.

Thirdly, AltSignals artificial intelligence trading protocol could be the go-to solution for traders in Web3. It will enhance the accuracy and frequency of trading signals and deliver a repeatable investment strategy that can maximize profits for its users. Since the ASI utility token is integral to ActualizeAI, it could grow substantially in value over time.

Investors seeking to prepare for the next crypto bull market are expected to see some good results by spreading their investment across these 8 cryptos. Its certainly an exciting opportunity during the current market lull, as prices look almost ready to bounce ahead of the next Bitcoin halving event.

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