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Soft Reboot Wellness Announces San Francisco Ketamine Infusion Therapy for MDD

Soft Reboot Wellness (650-419-3330) has announced that they are offering ketamine infusions for the treatment of major depressive disorder (MDD), anxiety, PTSD, and other mental health struggles for residents in San Francisco.

Soft Reboot Wellness’ recent announcement gives residents of San Francisco a new therapy option for treatment-resistant depression. The clinic administers low-dose ketamine once a week for four to six weeks, depending on the patient’s symptoms and how well they respond to the treatment.

For more information, visit https://softrebootwellness.com/san-francisco-ketamine-therapy-infusion-center

The wellness clinic’s announcement coincides with a study published in the National Library of Medicine. According to the research, about 30% of patients diagnosed with major depressive disorder and taking antidepressants are considered treatment-resistant. Ketamine infusions reportedly “reboot” the synapses or signals in the brain, offering a different approach to treating or managing treatment-resistant depression – and the clinic is raising awareness of the growing science behind ketamine therapy by making more options available for individuals with depression.

Unlike conventional antidepressants that regulate the patient’s neurotransmitters by blocking reuptake , ketamine therapy builds stronger synapses and increases the production of Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factors (BDNF), explains the clinic. Healthier synapses translate to fewer mood swings and better mental health.

Additional support is given during treatment sessions, including continuous end-tidal CO2 monitoring for those with cardiovascular or respiratory issues. Patients are encouraged to track their moods via the Osmind app to help doctors alter the treatment plan if needed. Changes in diet and lifestyle, or incorporating movement, breath work, and meditation, may be recommended as part of the patient’s overall treatment plan.

About Soft Reboot Wellness

Based in Menlo Park, Soft Reboot Wellness offers ketamine therapy and new therapeutics, including vitamin infusions and stellate ganglion block treatments. These are recommended for patients with chronic stress, depression, anxiety, long covid, and post-traumatic stress disorder. All treatment sessions are supervised by Dr. Sara Herman, the clinic’s founder, and a board-certified anesthesiologist from Harvard Medical School.

“Ketamine is a powerful, paradigm-shifting therapy. Its benefits are enhanced when used as a tool in a larger and ongoing effort to discover the inner healer in all of us. To manifest the long-term growth and recovery you seek, we encourage you to embrace the pivotal role you play in unleashing ketamine’s potential. This is not a passive experience. Rather, ketamine therapy exists within a journey, where ketamine is a catalyst and guide–but you are the empowered force on your path,” Dr. Herman said.

Interested parties who want to know more about ketamine infusions may read a depression treatment case study from the clinic here: https://ketaminesuccessstories.com/palo-alto-ca-testimonial-ketamine-infusion-therapy-depression/

Soft Reboot Wellness

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