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Discover Jenny’s Secrets: Rimless Titanium Glasses by Eyewear Insight

Eyewear Insight offers Jenny a frame – with a choice of 50+ lenses shapes; customize them to be made into sunglasses, tinted, mirror coating, or blue light blocking, made in resilient, flexible, and light titanium, comfortable and light, rimless offers unobstructed view all around, great for sports, always made with free anti-reflective, UV and anti-scratch coatings as yet unreleased facts about its Rimless Titanium Glasses ‘Jenny – t1002’, now available at https://eyewearinsight.com/products/t1002/color/black/ which fans and consumers within the Retail – Prescription Eyeglasses space should find particularly interesting.

Evie Seifu – founder and owner of Eyewear Insight – really loved rimless glasses – the last $1000+ pair she had (before she started Eyewear Insight) was rimless, and she saw the advantages and the feeling of freedom that comes from wearing rimless frames. She had always worn glasses, but at some point, when she couldn’t wear contacts anymore – she found this great pair that is light and felt like one was not wearing any glasses, she was sold! Finding this amazing lab that made these for Eyewearinsight.com was a great boon – in fact, they can make any shape. If a shape is missing from the 50+ shapes they offer, contact them, and they will add it – that’s their promise!

The Rimless Titanium Glasses almost didn’t see the light of day when the first lab Eyewear Insight worked with didn’t want to be bothered by making a special pair every time. Finally, they partnered with a reputable lens maker who found making different lens shapes for each order a workable business model! The problem was overcome by {howProblemWasOvercome}.

Eyewear Insight did something different compared to other businesses in the Retail – Prescription Eyeglasses space by offering these frames – they are one of the most special frames they offer at Eyewearinsight.com. It’s not easy to constantly make a special item every single time – which is likely why they are not widely offered – but they manage it each and every time for everyone who orders.

The goal for Eyewear Insight is to keep growing and continue to offer its customers great products and easy to buy. Eyewear Insight has been around for a while, and they hope that their customers will continue to come back year after year – they will always work to satisfy their customers. It’s hoped this goal of expansion and growth will be achieved year after year – that customers see that Jenny – t1002 was released as part of Eyewear Insight’s greater plans to offer a different level of quality and products online and give that one-to-one brick-and-mortar feel but with internet prices!

Eyewear Insight started when Founder Evie Seifu noticed a growing need for affordable, quality prescription eyeglasses that can be customized to fit the style and preference of each customer! That makes this pair special, but every pair is picked with an eye on the quality offered and the best price possible. And offering free anti-scratch, anti-reflective, and UV coatings was important from day 1 – as it truly improves the visual acuity of every pair, and everyone deserves that. With 15 years as a fashion designer and five years of prior experience in the Retail – Prescription Eyeglasses world, Evie Seifu decided to go ahead in 2016 and launched EyewearInsight.com on her own.

Evie Seifu said, “We like to do things to connect with our consumers, things like email marketing like any business but also one-to-one conversations with customers, and releasing these little factoids even after Jenny – t1002 hits the market are what make all the difference.”

Jenny – t1002 has been on the market for a few years and remains one of the favorite frames on the Eyewearinsight.com site. Year after year, customers come specifically to renew their glasses and purchase a new pair of Jenny frames! To find out more about the frames, please visit https://eyewearinsight.com/products/t1002.

For more facts and further information about Eyewear Insight, this can be discovered at https://eyewearinsight.com.

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