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Devant Champagne Unveils a New Standard of Luxury and Sophistication

Devant Champagne Unveils a New Standard of Luxury and Sophistication with Its Brand Launch

Las Vegas, June 28, 2023 – Devant Champagne, a visionary and distinguished name in the world of champagne, is proud to announce the highly anticipated launch of its brand, offering champagne connoisseurs an unparalleled experience of opulence and refinement.

Devant Champagne is not just another champagne brand; it is an embodiment of elegance, craftsmanship, and unwavering commitment to delivering exceptional moments. With a deep-rooted passion for champagne and an unwavering pursuit of perfection, Devant Champagne sets out to redefine the champagne industry with its exceptional blends and captivating story.

At the heart of Devant Champagne lies the vision of its founder, Mark Becker, a renowned champagne expert and innovator. Marks background includes working well established Champagne houses including: Charles Ellner, Champagne Cattier, Champagne Telmont, Forget-Brigmont and most importantly an intrical part of building Armand De Brignac “Ace of Spades” Champagne. With a wealth of experience and an extraordinary palate, Mark Becker has dedicated his life to creating exquisite champagne experiences that transcend the ordinary. Devant Champagne is the realization of his lifelong dream to share his passion for champagne with the world. His partners include: Kelii Heen, Managing Partner is a Master of his craft in the kitchen, sake sommelier- Level 3, Cicerone and an lover of fine wine and cocktails. Med Kidane, CFO currently is CFO and partner in several business, work ethic and problem solving is like none other. Finally, Michele Lex, CMO: her resume is unparallel in the Marketing World, she has been a part of Marketing brands all over the globe.

What sets Devant Champagne apart is its meticulous attention to detail at every stage of the champagne-making process. From sourcing the finest grapes to crafting unique blends, every bottle of Devant Champagne is a testament to the brand’s unwavering commitment to quality. The champagnes offer a harmonious balance of flavors, showcasing the complexity and depth that can only be achieved through expert craftsmanship. The innovative packaging, interactive labels have garnered a lot of attention and direction that takes a person away from the traditional label that all of Champagne currently uses.

Devant Champagne’s portfolio features an array of exceptional blends, each with its own distinct character and charm. Whether it’s the vibrant and effervescent Brut, the delicate and refined Rose, or the rich and luxurious Vintage, Devant Champagne caters to the diverse palates of champagne enthusiasts, ensuring a memorable experience with every sip. 100% Estate Grown, means Devant knows every single grape that goes in their incredible juice.

“We are thrilled to introduce Devant Champagne to the world,” says Mark Becker, co-founder of Devant Champagne. “Our brand represents a fusion of artistry, passion, and luxury. We aim to create exceptional champagne experiences that leave a lasting impression on our customers.”

The brand launch of Devant Champagne marks the beginning of an exciting journey filled with extraordinary moments and unforgettable experiences. Devant Champagne will captivate champagne enthusiasts, luxury consumers, and industry professionals alike with its commitment to excellence, elegance, and timeless sophistication.

To celebrate the brand launch, Devant Champagne will be hosting a series of exclusive events and collaborations that will bring the essence of luxury to life. These events will showcase the brand’s commitment to curating unique and unforgettable champagne experiences that indulge the senses and transport guests to a world of luxury and refinement.

Devant Champagne invites champagne lovers, luxury enthusiasts, and industry professionals to discover the brand’s extraordinary collection of champagnes and experience the pinnacle of luxury and sophistication.

For more information about Devant Champagne and its exquisite portfolio, please visit www.devantchampagne.com @devantchampagne or contact the PR Department at 702-518-0149 or [email protected].

About Devant Champagne: Devant Champagne is a visionary and distinguished name in the world of champagne, known for its unwavering commitment to excellence, craftsmanship, and exceptional champagne experiences. Founded by Mark Becker, a renowned champagne expert and innovator, Devant Champagne aims to redefine the industry by offering a portfolio of exceptional blends that embody elegance, refinement, and luxury. With a passion for champagne and a dedication to perfection, Devant Champagne creates moments that transcend the ordinary and indulge the senses.

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