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SteelWallet Seed Phrase Backup 2023 | ShiftCrypto Wallet Recovery Tool Launched

A new secure storage device for crypto wallet seed phrases, the SteelWallet, is now available from The Crypto Merchant. Designed by Shift Crypto and launched as an all-inclusive kit, it contains everything required to create a highly damage-resistant backup for a recovery seed phrase.

More information about The Crypto Merchant, and the SteelWallet by Shift Crypto, can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com/collections/hardware-wallets/products/bitbox-steel-wallet

The recently added SteelWallet is made entirely from stainless steel, which is waterproof, fireproof, and resistant to radiation, corrosion, and impacts. While the device should be hidden for additional safety, this robust design protects a user’s recovery seed phrase against wear and tear, accidents, and natural disasters.

The entire kit is lightweight, considering that it is made of steel, and compact, so it can easily be hidden once users have marked their recovery phrase. It includes two stainless steel plates, an easy-to-use stamping tool, an instruction manual, and a storage bag. The company also suggests that tamper-evident bags could be used instead, for an additional layer of security.

SteelWallet is compatible with all BIP-39 hardware wallets and can store up to 12 words per steel plate. Traders can choose to generate recovery phrases as 12, 18, or 24-word strings, so this dual-plate design allows users to store either two 12-word phrases, or one longer phrase.

Shift Crypto has intentionally built the SteelWallet with no electronics of any kind included, both to eliminate the chance it could be accessed remotely and to make the design as damage-resistant as possible. With no moving parts or electronics to rely on, the plates can hold a recovery seed phrase indefinitely, without the risk of losing any information.

When tested by an independent source, Jameson Lopp, against 70 similar devices from various manufacturers, the SteelWallet received top marks in every category and special mention for its affordability.

The Crypto Merchant website explains, “Only you should be able to gain access to your cryptocurrency wallets. This is why safety layers are so necessary. Along with the pin code, and private keys, you also need an external form of protection… The SteelWallet is made by Shift Crypto, a leader in high quality, secure crypto storage devices”

More information about fireproof recovery seed phrase storage, The Crypto Merchant, and the SteelWallet from Shift Crypto can be found at https://www.thecryptomerchant.com

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