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USA Tanaka FMZII Fiber Laser Cutting Supplier – Sales/Repair Service Launched

Reger Laser has long provided its customers with the highest-quality metal plate cutting capabilities; to maintain its golden reputation among industrial manufacturers — all of them manipulate full-size metal plates as a central manufacturing operation — the Yorkville-based sales and service business recently announced it would be adding Tanaka Laser’s FMZII Series of fiber laser cutting machines to its sales, service, and repair roster.

Although Plasma Cutting Gets the Job Done, It’s Simply Inferior to Fiber Laser Cutting

Put simply, plasma cutting machines are prone to inconsistencies, resulting in variable edge patterns that negatively impact manufacturers’ ability to construct good products. Plasma cutting machines also require frequent maintenance; although all laser-powered metal-cutting machines need to be maintained on at least a somewhat regular basis, plasma cutting machines are notorious for their high maintenance costs.

Reger Laser Is Now Selling and Servicing Tanaka’s FMZII Series Fiber Laser Machine USA Companies Can Benefit From

Fiber lasers, such as the Tanaka FMZII Series fiber laser bevel cutting machine, cut through thick steel plates using nothing but light. They utilize special optical fiber cables, which are made of high-quality silica glass, to carefully direct light — in the form of a laser beam, that is — through metal, cutting it clear in half.

These cables don high-intensity lights; when fully powered, the silica glass optical fiber cables create remarkably hot temperatures that are capable of cutting through ultra-strong materials such as thick steel plates.

Tanaka FMZII Series fiber laser cutting machines come in four models: 3 kilowatt, 6kW, 10kW, and 12kW. They’re guaranteed to cut through mild steel up to 0.75″, 1.25″, 1.4″, and 1.5″ thick, respectively. Although stainless steel presents a tougher challenge, thereby reducing these machines’ cutting capabilities; Tanaka lists the FMZII Series’ stainless steel plate-cutting abilities at 0.393″, .787″, 1″, and 1.18″ thick.

Exploring the Features of the Tanaka FMZII Series Fiber Laser Cutting Machines

Arguably the most valuable feature of the Tanaka FMZII Series of fiber laser cutting machines is their top-notch cutting quality. Tanaka renewed its fiber laser technology in favor of several slight changes that retain all the benefits of the company’s fiber laser machines while improving industrial manufacturers’ ability to modify the perpendicularity, flatness, and roughness of metal surfaces.

Jason Reger, founder and owner of Reger Laser, commented: “We are passionate about producing top quality fiber laser cutting machines. We know that with a niche industry like ours, it can be hard for businesses to find equipment that will get the job done, and won’t wear down easily. Our Tanaka FMZII Series features machines that are capable of handling the needs of businesses who need consistent cuts in their metals.”

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