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Ken Fiedler–Personal Injury Law, Dog Bites

For over 31 years, the city of Denver has had a ban on any dog that has the majority appearance of a pit bull in both the city and the county. In November, of 2020 voters overturned this ban, making it legal to own pit bulls in Denver and Denver County 2021. The ban was enacted in 1989 after multiple attacks and injuries occurred. Denver determines the severity of a dog bite based on a five-level injury scale. Level one is a grazing of the teeth that does not make contact or break the surface. Level two is a bite that makes contact to skin without a puncture occurring, or a shallow puncture with slight bleeding. Level three relates to a bite leading to one to four puncture wounds deeper than half of the canine’s tooth. Level four relates to one to four punctures from a single bite with at least one puncture being deeper than half the dog’s canine tooth. This could include bruising around the puncture wound and a potential laceration in one or two different directions. Lastly, level five relates to multiple bites with at least two level four bites. In Denver, American bulldogs ranked first, while pit bulls and boxers tied for second place in the level five category. In the level four category Labrador retrievers ranked first, American bulldogs were second and pit bulls were third.

In America over 40% of households have one or more dogs, according to the American Pet Products Association, which means close to 75 million dogs live in the US. According to the Center of Disease Control 4.5 million people are bitten by dogs annually: 20% of those bites are level 4 and 5 meaning they need medical attention. Colorado has a ‘strict lability’ legal standard when it comes to homeowners with dogs. This means that a homeowner can be held legally responsible for injuries caused by a dog bite. While we may love our dogs, it is also our responsibility to ensure that our dogs are not able to injure anyone. If you or a member of your family has suffered a dog or animal attack, contact Ken Fiedler to discuss the options available to you. The legal team at Ken Fidler Injury Law will work on your behalf to ensure that you are properly taken care of.


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