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10 highly reliable Q&A sites for research and study

If you are ready to learn something interesting and new, you can type your query on the Q&A site. On the other hand, if you have a good knowledge of a particular subject in your niche, you will help others by answering their questions. The Q&A site list is extremely useful for increasing traffic to your site. The best thing about these sites is that they are always crowded with high levels of organic traffic. If readers find your answer relevant and helpful, they will like to visit your site via your link.

We’ve identified the 10 best Q&A sites based on the traffic each website receives. Here is a list of our 10 most trusted Q&A sites for research and study.

1. Quora.Com

It not only allows you to post questions and/or read answers, but also allows you to follow specific topics, people, or questions. That way, you’ll be able to learn trends you’ve never thought of or heard of.

2. Askville.Amazon.com

Askville.Amazon.com is powered by Amazon. Its main advantage for other sites is its community. It has resident reputable experts who can give reliable answers. In addition, the site covers a wide range of topics, from entertainment to business to family.

3. Stackoverflow.Com

Dedicated to those who are interested in programming. Here, anyone can ask or answer questions. If your answer is chosen as the best for a particular discussion, you will probably go to the top.

4. Answerbag.Com

This is the first Q&A site that allows its members to earn points just for asking/answering questions. They can also rate other users’ questions/answers. By gaining marks you will raise the level and become a novice, expert, or professor.

5. Answers. Yahoo.Com

It has great answers to some concrete questions. But you will also find questions with unusual responses that will make them a fun dialogue/conversation.

6. FriendFeed.Com

Believe it or not, this is also a reliable Q&A site that allows you to answer some questions that you find interesting. This allows you to start a discussion or post a reply.

7. EconomistPanda.Com

The most frequently asked and answered website on the stock market where you can ask questions and get answers related to various market sizes, growth, segments, forecasts, etc. This is a platform for digital marketers, where you can create backlinks to your site, which will generate visitor traffic.

In addition, the site covers a wide range of stock market categories, from healthcare to advance material.

8. AOLAnswers.Com

Do you have questions about Obama? How about some trending answers? This site allows you to answer/publish questions that other users may vote up or down.

9. Answer.com

To answer questions, you need to join this community of over 200 million registered. It includes resident experts, from surgeons to nutritionists to Nobel Prize winners.

10. Mahalo.com

It works just like Yahoo! Answers. That is, users will post their questions on a specific topic and be answered by other users. But the great thing about this site is that it allows users who ask questions to give a financial reward to the one who answers the most helpful.

For various stock market questions and answers visit- www.economistpanda.com

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