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Never Pay Over-Inflated Prices for your Golf Gloves Again with 2Under Golf

Are you paying large amounts for premium golf gloves made by big corporations that only care about their profits? 2Under Golf is a brand that was created for golfers by golfers, and is seeking to provide an alternative; it is currently financing a set of high-quality, comparatively inexpensive gloves via the crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. Its Cabretta leather golf gloves are expertly made using the best materials without the inflated prices that other gloves of a similar quality have associated with them. They are also delivered straight to your door, and each sale helps to support junior, amateur and professional golfers via the company’s glove sponsorship program.

2Under Golf sources its Cabretta leather from an Indonesian supplier with a long history in the industry. The tanning process to get that soft, quality feel and enhanced durability takes a full 8 weeks. Once the skins arrive at the factory, they are first cleaned and then dyed. They then go through a certain number of mechanical processes, some carried out by machine and some by hand, in order to loosen and soften the leather so it feels more comfortable to wear. These steps require real traditional craftsmanship. The skins then go through quality control before ending up in professionals’ hands to be cut and assembled for a fit worthy of the pros.

2Under’s gloves are manufactured at the same facilities as premium-brand golf gloves, meaning that the same high-quality processes are utilised. Subtle changes have been made to their seams to make them more comfortable to wear than their more expensive counterparts, and they’re sleek, stylish and look great on the course. The company’s numerous different designs are guaranteed to turn heads with their classic colours and distinctive logo.

The gloves are packaged using reusable, recyclable materials, and their durability means that they are long-lasting, reducing unnecessary waste. They therefore constitute an environmentally friendly option. 2UnderGolf also produces snazzy glove cases aimed at protecting them from wear and tear. These cases come in various different colours and designs and are equally useful for storing other important items such as phones, keys and wallets. They are the perfect accessory to accompany the Cabretta leather gloves.

The company has also produced an amazing rangefinder. Its TUPRO800 was a year in the designing, planning, development and testing stages, and can compete with the larger brand units at less than half the price. With 2UnderGolf, you will never pay over-inflated prices for golf products again. You can check out the Kickstarter here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/2undergolf/never-overpay-for-your-golf-gloves%2dagain

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