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Asthma/COPD OPEP Breathing Aid – Best Lung Cleaning Respiratory Device Launched

Life Wellness Healthcare has launched the AirPhysio breath aid as a drug-free and chemical-free device to ease the symptoms associated with a wide range of acute respiratory conditions including COPD and asthma. The Australian-made product creates a positive pressure when a user exhales, strengthening the lungs and loosening mucus.

More details can be found at https://media.lifewellnesshealthcare.com/2WZms3R

The AirPhysio lung cleaning device serves as a non-chemical alternative to other assistive devices and drugs that treat asthma, COPD, bronchiectasis, and other respiratory conditions. It applies pressurized pulses of air to restore lung health and effortless breathing.

Statistics report that respiratory diseases are becoming increasingly prevalent in the United States. More than 25 million Americans live with asthma, and COPD is the fourth leading national cause of death. The drugs and devices currently used to treat respiratory conditions impose a high cost on the health care system, with annual expenditures for asthma estimated at $20.7 billion.

Life Wellness Healthcare’s AirPhysio lung cleaning device employs Oscillating Positive Expiratory Pressure (OPEP) to expand, strengthen, and loosen mucus in the lungs. The OPEP technology is activated when the user exhales through the device. The synergistic effect of positive pressure and vibration allows the released mucus to be coughed out or swallowed, effectively opening the airway.

Additional benefits include the product’s quickness and ease of use. Customers find relief with 1-3 minute uses up to 3 times per day. The device is portable and does not require batteries or refills. It is also made in Australia with high-quality plastics and registered with the FDA.

Disposable filter attachments are available for purchase with AirPhysio products. These filters remove 99.9% of viral and bacterial matter, maintain the cleanliness of the device, and expedite recovery time. Users also benefit from increased lung capacity, improved athletic performance, and enhanced stamina. For this purpose, the device has proven helpful for swimmers, divers, athletes, wind instrument musicians, and singers.

About Life Wellness Healthcare

Base in Australia, Life Wellness Healthcare aims to help people breathe freely and clearly. The reputable company is continually developing award-winning respiratory aid products for its customer bases in the United States and around the world.

A satisfied customer: “I’ve suffered from lung challenges for many years and instantly felt an improvement on the first day of use. Consistency is key, but it sure works.”

Interested parties can find more information on Life Wellness Healthcare products at https://lifewellnesshealthcare.com

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