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Kenes Rakishev reminds of Caspian seal vulnerable status

Saby charity maintains intensive scientific and veterinarian program to support the population of the only mammal that is living in the Caspian sea. The sea, the largest inland body of water on Earth is complex in nature. There are borders, oil and gas platforms, industrial complexes and fishing in the area. Saby does everything it can to protect the seals that are migrating and mating on the shores of Kazakhstan. Kenes Rakishev, one of the founders of Saby, reminds the authorities that in terms of seal protection we are running out of time.

Kenes Rakishev and his wife, Aselle Tasmagambetova, are maintaining two scientific institutions that are researching ways to protect the Pusa caspica. It is CAIER – Central Asian Institute of ecological research (asianecology.com) and Caspian Seal Research and Rehabilitation Center. (caspiansealrrc.com). These two organizations are responsible for practical aspects of Saby environmental protection programs. Aselle Tasmagambetova’s active involvement is one of the reasons of latest inclusion of Caspian seal in the Red Book of Kazakhstan. With Kenes Rakishev’s help the institute and the center gathered several scientific expeditions to prove that Pusa caspica indeed needs state protection.

But the inclusion of the animal in the Red Book does not offer protection by itself. There is much yet to be done, both in scientific and practical ways, Kenes Rakishev insists. It is important to fend of the poachers, break the black market and impose real fines for those who hunt the seals. There should be established additional rules and legislation adopted. Kazakhstan should become a member of international union with the aim to save the endemic mammal of Caspian seal.

Saby does everything it can, but the state and other activists are encouraged to join the quest. Kenes Rakishev and Aselle Tasmagambetova offer the entire nation a real yet achievable challenge to save the rare animal. This is a noble goal in which everyone may find something for himself: every penny or every hour counts.

Kenes Rakishev reminds that only united efforts of each and everyone can protect the seal from extinction. To protect the environment is the true patriotism and true legacy we can and must pass to the next generations.

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